My Interests

Internet and Websites
I was first online when I was 10 years old and since than I have been addicted. I joined Orkut when there were only Brazilians in there and moved on to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. I had my first email account at Hotmail when it only allowed 2MB of storage (the account got hacked sadly) and then got invited to join Gmail through a invitation link in Blogger. At that Gmail was only by invitation, and I SOLD a invitation for INR 100 through (now! I did not know it was illegal then.

Apart from surfing, I love working on conceptualizing and designing websites. I have
 been doing this from my school days when I had created a personal websites and hosted at Geocities. 

Even today, I keep working on number of personal websites as well as being part of other website teams. Now, I am working on, and

At, I am working on a e-magazine concept for the System Integrator Community. I designed the logo and the layout using Wordpress as CMS for the site. I have teamed up with one of friends for further developing the website.

I had also designed professionally websites of DSMS India (a hotel management institute in Durgapur, West Bengal), Sapra Automobiles (a car hire and repairing services venture in Kolkata) and (Official student's website of West Bengal University of Technology). Unfortunately, these sites are offline now.

Reading on a host of varied topics is also one of my interests. I love to follow world news - politics, business news, sports and entertainment regularly. I follow news when online through Googl
e News, NDTV and IBNLive. I use the Pulse android app from my mobile. I subscribe  to a few business and travel mags like Business India, Outlook Traveler, etc.

At one point of time, I was fascinated by Arthur Hailey novels.It started with reading Hotel and his style appealed to me so much that I read Airport, Wheels, Overload, The Moneychangers, Detective, etc. Detective reminds me of our own Feluda and Byomkesh which kept me engrossed for hours.

Now, I prefer reading non-fiction specially biographies and management books but my interests continue to be varied. Currently, I am reading The Black Swan by Nicholas Taleb and Life of Pi by Yann Martel.
New Interests
Recently, I have developed interest in Marketing Management as a subject. During my coursework at VGSOM I understood the breadth of the subject and now trying to understand the subject a bit more. It is a proud feeling to realize that how CK Prahalad, our own Marketing Guru has made marketeers globally rethink their strategies.

I started watching videos on Youtube before it became part of the Google stable and still my monthly quota of Internet bandwidth has a high percentage of online videos. Its really astounding to realize that Youtube has so much of information in the form of videos. I especially find Youtube useful for university lecture videos and gadget reviews. BTW, one may understand how much Internet has been part of my life for years from my confession that I actually managed to tie my first tie by following a Youtube video. (Youtube has a fascinating collection of how to videos.)

Also, my work area of Unified Communications and Electronic Security Solutions is of great interest to me. Technology trends like Unified Communications, Cloud Computing, Social Communications fascinate me.